About us

We are a women and youth-led organization operating by feminist leadership principles, alleviating the issues of women and youth who are vulnerable minority persons in our society, with a major focus on advocacy to end stigma, human rights violations, gender-based violence, substance misuse, and climate change effects on women and youths, which are SDGs 1,3,5, 10, and 13.

Through media, storytelling, art and culture inclusion, community programming, and stakeholder engagement we have consistently impacted our communities, with life-transforming conversations and programs that drive change through projects like:
Human Rights and Arts with the support of the British Council, Women’s Rights in human rights, partnered with Healing with Maria for a storytelling program airing on DSTV, Training and etc.

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We are passionate about advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable and minority groups in our communities…


Due to the pandemic, there has been an obvious rise in the need for counselling and other psychosocial support services…


We empower minority and vulnerable women and youth in our communities by offering soft skills, digital marketing, coding training…

Rehab Support

We support people who need rehabilitation services by offering referral support to the best rehab centres across Nigeria…

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